Sunday, February 9, 2014

Maker Stitch Pin Ideas

Hello folks, I have been busy with paintings here. A friend's sister of mine will be a grandmother, so I've  decided to knit a sweater for the baby. I needed to split the stitches, so I made a stitch marker pin. I saw so many beautiful ideas on the Internet. There are so many kinds of beads such as butterflies, dragonflies, glass pearls, leaves, alloy beads, whatever you have. I made mine with materials that I have. That earring that broke or you have lost one, just reuse it.

I forgot the last time rained. The weather is very much hot with 37° C. The air is heavy to breathe and it is stuffy. The plants are withering on the gardens and vases. The thermal sensation is 56° C. We are being baking.


Jump rings
Eye pins
Bead caps



Have a nice week!


  1. It is always good news to hear that your friend will be a grandmother!!
    How lucky your friend and her grand baby are! She has a good friend who is kind and good at knitting!! It is cold here. I have been holed up in my room waiting for spring coming.
    Have a good day.

    1. Hello Tomoko, nice to see you too! Spring is my favorite season but I love the colors of the autumn as well. Here it is too hot and it has not been raining for 24 days.

      Keep warm.

      hugs ... Sandra

  2. Sandra, Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope that you will visit again.
    Nice photos.

    1. Thank you Janey, I like your blog very much and I will go there many times. Hugs ... Sandra

  3. Beautiful city your clear blue skies!

    Enjoy your week,

    1. Hello Forest Dream Weaver,

      your blog is very beautiful. I love the dog's pictures. There is one who looks like mine.


  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Mo!! Have a lovely week!!


  5. Ha Sandra look nice again and read yours here
    sorry that your photo can also be me.'s stay small
    Thanks for visiting my blog with pleasure,
    there for thanks.
    A lovingly greet you Christiene.

    Ha Sandra,leuk weer te kijken en te lezen hier jou
    jammer dat je foto,s klein blijven kan ook aan mij liggen.
    Fijn dat je met plezier mijn weblog bezoekt,
    daar voor dank.
    Liefs een groetje Christiene.

    1. Hello Christiene! Nice to see you! It is a pleasure to visit your blog and see your beautiful works. Thanks for visiting me!! Have a lovely week!!